Serving the Greater Los Angeles areas including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, and Santa Monica....and any place else where travel expenses are covered!
One Call Fixes It All From Electrical to Plumbing to Carpentry, to Painting--------------"On TIme or I'll Pay YOU"

Kyle the Handyman - Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter and Odd-Jobber for Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Pensacola since 1984


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 We're currently based in Pensacola, Florida.  There's a high probability we may have to go back to Los Angeles, CA  after Christmas  2014 for one more go-round to get our house there prepped and sold before we are permanently in "paradise".  This website will always have current updates.

 The most common question I'm asked is:  "So....... what  types of work do you do?"  Please click on the "Work I've Done" tab for a lengthy list, which includes everything from electrical work to carpentry to plumbing. The short answer is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that my clients ask me to, as long as we can agree it's profitable for both of us. The page you're reading tells you a little more about me and has an e-mail link and phone numbers at the bottom.

 "Kyle the Handyman" was officially founded in Cheviot Hills (Los Angeles) in 1994 when I needed a "part-time" job that I could work around my infant daughter and  school. When the phone started to immediately ring off the hook, I decided that school would wait for a bit. we are, still going strong..........19+ years later. Since then I've focused on providing people in Bevelry Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, and of course, the greater Los Angeles area with quality service they can rely on.

 This website is designed as a basic introduction to those of you who may not yet know me. My advertising budget has been low; 99% of my business is referral. Referrals have sent me all over the greater Los Angeles area, from the Pacific Palisades to Culver City, and exposed me to a wide range of issues in home repair, so I'm reasonably confident that I can help you out.....or, at the very least, point you to the next step. Once you have worked with me, you may become one of the 99% who refers me to their friends and associates.


 There is 4.5 star rating for us on if you're interested in checking out unsolicited reviews.  Google "Handyman Culver City" and I should show up on the first page.
When you call me, you get ME .....not a receptionist. When you hire me, you get ME .....not someone picked up on the street. I will take care of your home to the highest possible standard, and try to leave it cleaner than I found it.

For an appointment, please contact me on my cell at (310) 384 5299.   E-mail is 
which is NOT readable on my ancient reliable phone, though I check my personal computer almost every evening or when time allows during the business day.   
For most timely communication, please call or text !